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I wrote this book to share what I learned on my journey of healing and seeking emotional wellbeing.

I share it with you the hope that your journey will be made easier and swifter because you'll have this essential knowledge all in one place.

My e-book, Reclaim Yourself, contains easy-to-follow information that will help you embody more calm, confidence and positivity to embrace you day.

My e-book and guided meditations will support you to:

  1. feel more calm and composed;

  2. feel more joyful and positive;

  3. fully accept and embrace yourself;

  4. create more loving, harmonious relationships;

  5. strengthen your resilience to handle life’s challenges;

  6. create a better quality of daily life. *


My e-book supports to do this through:

  • helping you understand and address common physical, mental and emotional health challenges (sleep, nutrition, stress, anxiety, depression, grief and trauma);

  • increasing your understanding of yourself and others;

  • teaching you the skills to manage your thoughts and process your emotions;

  • helping you create a more positive perception of yourself and your life;

  • teaching you to process past experiences that have been keeping you stuck;

  • improving your communication within your relationships;

  • teaching you to how to listen to your inner guidance and take charge of your life.

*Disclaimer: You and your situation are unique, therefore specific results cannot be guaranteed. Outcomes may vary depending on your individual circumstances, and your application of time and effort to work with material presented in this book and meditations.


Information provided in this book is solely intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

eBook + guided meditations

Meditations are provided in MP3 format so you can listen offline at any time.

Delivered as:

  • 1 x eBook (PDF file)

  • 11 x guided meditations (MP3s via ZIP file)

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